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More Muscle, Less Time

It’s easy to skip the gym when you’re short on time.

Or maybe you go for 30-60 minutes, but don’t really do much of anything.

If you do enough of those half-effort or skipped workouts… You’ll end up wondering why you still look the same, or worse, 3 months from now.

The painfully obvious solution is to learn how to train effectively with limited time. 

Try this strategy I’m about to share with you. You’ll get a huge amount of ultra high-quality work in just a fraction of the time. Seriously. A LOT can happen in 30 minutes if you bring your brain into the gym. 

Enter, Myoreps

Scary and futuristic sounding, right? I know. 

This technique was created by a man named Borge Fagerli – in an attempt to maximize his ability to grow more muscle in a short amount of time after his son was born. 

It’s a unique way to set up a single, brutal set, demand a HUGE amount of work from the muscle, and trigger the mechanisms that lead to muscle growth. 

Incredible gains in a fraction of the time? Sign me up!


For your chosen exercises, select a weight that you could use to hit 10-20 reps, but not beyond.

(Fagerli says sets of 15+ are an “otherworldly experience”, but I love them.) 

Do one set, and get as many good reps as you can.

And I mean for real – push hard – until things are really burning, and then push for another 1 to 3 high-quality reps. 

Put the weights down and take 3-5 deep breaths. Then pick the weights back up – you’re going to do another ‘mini-set’, where you’ll shoot for 3-6 reps.

Weights go down again, take another few breaths, and then you’ll do another mini set.

Then you’ll rest entirely for 3 minutes, before repeating. 

This is a truly brutal training technique that will push you into some of the deeper, darker corners of what you ever thought you were capable of. 

As a fun byproduct, you’ll send an incredibly loud and clear message to your body to build more muscle along the way. 

Try it out and let me know what you think! 

Be sure to check back in – I’ll be creating more content around the intensity techniques that I use with my clients to help them make fantastic progress in the midst of their busy schedules.

Hey! I'm Matteo Marra

Owner/Head Coach at Marra Strength. 

I believe “getting in shape” is really just a set of skills that can be learned and utilized to upgrade your life. 

Using this concept, i’ve helped hundreds of busy guys look and feel amazing shirtless by teaching them how to master the skills of dieting for fat loss and training for muscle growth.

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